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Please select the Membership Type you are interested in below. Note that DC membership is based on the number of years you have practiced in the state of Virginia. For Spousal Partners, the 1st DC Rate refers to the higher rate of membership between the spousal partners. The DC Spouse member will receive 50% off the first DC rate. DC membership is per individual and Supplier membership is per company. 

Dues may be paid via e-check and credit card in installments via EZ-Pay enrollment (automatic quarterly or annual payments). Premier DCs have the added benefit of paying monthly via EZ-Pay. EZ-Pay helps your cash flow and budgeting and allows more of your dues investment to go to servicing you and your profession, rather than administrative costs.  

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Representative from a vendor company that markets its products or services to the chiropractic community. See link to Supplier Member Benefits.

Dues may be paid  $137.50 quarterly or $550 annually. (Supplier membership is per company.) 

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Upgraded DC membership with increased benefits.  See link to  Premier DC Benefits. 

Premier DC dues may be paid $125 monthly, $375 quarterly or $1,500 annually. 

(Premier DC membership is per individual DC.)

A Student/New Grad Member is a Chiropractic college student or recent graduate who has not yet become licensed. One time fee of $35. See link to  Student/New Grad Benefits

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Doctor of Chiropractic in his or her 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year or more of practice in Virginia. See link to DC Member Benefits.

Dues:                                     Quarterly or Annual Payments           

1st year of practice in VA:          $42.50 or $170

2nd year of practice in VA:         $90.00 or $360

3rd year of practice in VA:        $132.50 or $530

4th year and over:                    $162.50 or $650

Out of State DC:                        $30.00 or $120

Retired DC:                                $15.50 or $62

(DC membership is per individual DC.)

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Spouse of an existing DC member, practicing in the same office. Dues are 50% of the 1st DC rate and can be paid quarterly or annually. DC Spouse has the same benefits as the DC member. 

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